Sunday Sangha St. Louis

Who We Are

Sunday Sangha in Saint Louis, Missouri is a community of meditation practitioners in the Vipassana or Insight Meditation tradition of Buddhism. In the sangha we acknowledge and share the wisdom and experience of Buddhism and provide a supportive environment for learning and for sustaining meditation practice. We welcome everyone from all spiritual traditions and diverse backgrounds, including new and experienced meditators. Our intention is to cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion for the benefit of ourselves, all beings and the world.

Our Format

Meetings begin with silent meditation (approximately 40 Minutes) and include brief instructions in the insight meditation tradition, including mindfulness of breath, sound, body and mind.  Following the meditation, facilitators share experience and information about the tradition and practice of insight meditation, ending with open discussion and sharing by practitioners. If there is a change in this basic format we give advance notice by email.

Meeting Time and Location

Currently we are meeting in hybrid (both Zoom and in person) format on the Second and Fourth Sundays of the month and via Zoom only at other times. We meet Sundays from 11:00AM to 12:30PM and Tuesdays from 7:00PM to 8:00PM Central Time. All of our meetings can be accessed via Zoom. Click on the email sign up link below to receive an invitation and to receive the schedule and directions to our meetings or to get more information.

Email List
We maintain an email list for attendees to inform them of relevant learning experiences in the community, of changes in the schedule or cancellations due to holidays or inclement weather. Please click the link below to join our mailing list.

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Practice of Dana 

In the tradition of Buddhism, the sangha is free to all who attend. Donations are accepted and used to pay for the use of the space when we meet in-person. When we meet in person, the cost for the space is $35.00 and we can only accept cash donations. Remaining donations go to the Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children, Inc., a nonprofit which supports children in Nepal for education, healthcare and housing  and support services. For more information go to


Group facilitators rotate through the schedule to lead the weekly meetings and we regularly publish the schedule.  All facilitators maintain a meditation practice and are learning from their experiences in meditation and in facilitating the group.  Topics of the talk/readings come from a variety of Buddhist resources, old and new, and we seek to keep it relevant to our everyday life and meditation practice. Facilitators are committed to the practice of wise speech and actions in the sangha. Briefly, this means saying only what is true, speaking mindfully and in ways that promote harmony and compassion. We are committed to actively listening to practitioners’ concerns, questions and issues.

Potluck Lunches and Tea/Snacks
From time to time, we publish in our schedule potluck lunches or tea/snacks following our meetings. Bringing a vegetarian dish or snack to share is helpful but not required.

Please join us for meditation anytime!                                   

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